Magical Monday!!

Well it’s Monday again…damn the weekends fly by so fast!  I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night met up with some friends at a local tap house.  Saturday was spent getting over Friday night!  Yesterday my husband and I drove over the Easter Shore of Maryland, to the other side of 20171015_175131 the Chesapeake Bay to an outdoor restaurant.  It was super overcast when we got there, but the sun broke through and it was beautiful!  He has steamed shrimp and I had fried oysters!  Damn they were both so good!  I thought I would take this time to share one of my “grooming” short cuts too!  I hate getting manicures, takes way too much time and I have never ever been happy with the results, so here it is….I buy the Kiss brand nails, use the brush on glue, and Voila!  I love the way they look and since I am semi pro at putting them on, only takes 10 minutes max!  Less than the drive to the nail salon!  They stay on over a week and always look great!  Each pack gives me about 2 full set of nails….they cost around $7.99!  BAM!!  haha!!  Well thats all for now, have a wonderful day and keep smiling!!20171015_175541 (1)20171015_161607


Thirsty Thursday!!

Hi friends!

Wow, its been so crazy around my house…my oldest daughter, 31, had moved back home for a few months,  waiting until she and her boyfriend found a place in Northern California to call home.. so they have since settled in Stockton, renting a house through Airbnb.  He recently graduated from Hopkins Medical School and that’s where his job took him!  What a crazy time they have had.  I was unaware, as I’m sure most people are, about how hospitals are run… now it seems most of them have all been taken over by huge corporations, who call the all the shots.  Her boyfriend had originally signed a contract with a hospital in Pennsylvania, but at the last minute they pulled his contract and cancelled it  weeks before he was to begin working!  Of course they had already told their landlord they were moving out of their apartment in Baltimore  July 1.  Talk about scrambling, he literally went all over the U.S. on interviews, South Carolina, Florida and two in California, one in Palm Springs (damn, wish that one would have been the one!) but decided Stockton offered the best contract.  Needless to say, he had to hire a lawyer  this time to review the contract before he would sign to avoid another clusterf***.   She keeps sending me pictures of all the adventures they’ve taken since arriving.  What a beautiful part of the country!  Hopefully we will get out there soon!  We live in Maryland, so its a looonggg flight….anymore than two hours for me on a plane is too long!!  I have to gauge my time on a plane by how many Valiums I have on hand!!  This current job is only contracted until Jan. 1, so they may be back before we even make plans!  My son, 29, lives in Daytona Beach with his girlfriend, and since that is only a 2 hour flight we travel there frequently!!   My youngest daughter, 23, drove alone to Florida this summer for a shark and stingray class!  I was worried so much about her driving alone!  Thankfully one of the kids told me about LIFE360, and app we all put on our phones….kind of like kid stalking!  But it was so great to follow her progress, and of course she called when she stopped to let us know all was good!  Well being young and adventurous, she drove straight through, 12 hours!  I think now how great that app would have been when they were in high school!!  I find it amazing thinking back when my older two kids started high school and how technology has blazed ahead!  When the oldest daughter was a freshman, in 2000, the kids were not allowed to have a “camera phone” in school!!  Imagine that now!!  Well, by the time my son started high school three years later, the boys had perfected “upskirting” the girls as the went up the steps!!  Of course NOT my perfect son!!  haha,!!  Now remember,  this was a Catholic high school and the girls had to wear uniforms.  Now the girls wear skorts to eliminate the peep show as they travel upwards!  Crazy….the youngest is in college now and records her professors lectures everyday on her phone!!  I often wonder when I was in school, (I sound like a dinosaur) if I would have had that convenience of recording my teachers, how much better my grades would have been!  I have been saying for years how I would like to go back to college (the only thing in life I regret, not getting my degree!) but when I see what she goes through, I don’t think I have the technical skills needed, and that would be just to enroll in a class!!  Not to mention the actual writing and studying part that would be required!  Everything is submitted electronically, all correspondence with teachers is through email, and basically you need to understand all that before you would even open a book…and of course books will soon be obsolete as well!  I think of the money I would have saved on textbooks over the years, I probably could have retired by now!

I don’t know if I mentioned in my previous posts, but I am a hairstylist.  I have stood behind a chair for 36 years and its getting old!!  People ask me if I work out…  well, yes I do everyday by standing, bending over a shampoo bowl, pumping up fat asses that sit in my chair, so yes, I consider all that a workout!  I am just kidding about the fat asses, (not really!  sometimes it is REALLY hard!)  Which reminds me… one of my big pet peeves is this:  have lost a bunch of weight over the past 5 years, due to stress, life, etc.,  anyway why is is OK for someone to comment on my weight loss, BUT can you imagine me saying to someone, “damn, you have gotten so fat?”  I honestly find it just as insulting!!

Back to the hair biz, I have many many opinions, as most people do, on hair products, styles, what not to waste your money on, and home hair tips.  If anyone has a question, I would be happy to answer!  I can honestly say,  I have pretty much seen, tried and done most things that can be done to hair over the years!   Have a great day, and go out and try to touch a life, a smile or a simple thank you goes a looonnggg way!!



Well yesterday I wrote this long post, and for some reason it wouldn’t publish.  So I saved it to my computer, and for some damn reason I am unable to open it.  So pissed it took me about an hour to write it.  Maybe someday I will magically be able to open it again!  Nothing can irritate me more than technology!  Sometimes just trying to sign in to a site, where of course the username and password are required….I have tried writing them on paper, saving them on my phone and I still scramble!  Well, a dear client gave me the BEST tip and it has been a life saver, here goes!  I use my email as my username and for the password for whatever site it is, I use that name, (example Amazon, Walmart etc) Always use a capital for the first letter, then the # sign and 1.  That covers all the bases for a cap, symbol and number.  Amazon#1, Walmart#1….it has worked like a charm and simplified my life so much!!  Now I am no longer cussing and throwing stuff like a five year old!!  That being said, it doesn’t help my problem with my lost post, that told me I have to change some app or something to open the file, screw it!  I wasted enough time on that last night!

One other thing I experienced this week was my first colonoscopy!  YAY!  Actually it is not a bad thing, saves lives, prevents problems….If you have never had the pleasure of having one done, here goes!  First you have to prepare by clearing your colon, and stomach and everything else out completely!  This is done by simply drinking a solution the doctor has prescribed for you! Simple right?!  No!  The seemingly harmless looking clear liquid you mix at home with water is the most vile, disgusting thing that has ever passed your lips.  And that is probably an understatement!  I chose to drink it with a straw to gag it down faster.  Talk about making faces…I can’t even describe what it tastes like because I think it has to be made in a chemistry lab staffed by weirdos who like to gross people out!  UGH!  But, it does the trick!  About 20 minutes, give or take, the action begins!  I would advise not making plans for the evening you have to drink this because you want to be very close to a bathroom, hopefully one that is not occupied!  So after spending the evening on the toilet you have to wake up extra early to, YEP, drink even more!  OMG, so bad…  If you have survived this part of your test, the rest is down hill my friend! When you arrive at the doctors office or suite or wherever the test is performed you change into a gown, and thankfully they hook you up to an IV and you go to sleep. That’s the best part because really, do you want to be awake and conscience when they thread an instrument with a bonus camera up your rear end??  And then in what seems like mere seconds you wake up and it’s over!  Not only is it over, but you get to go home with souvenir pictures of your colon to share with family and friends, and perhaps as some would do, post them to Facebook!!  So thankfully I had no problems and I don’t have to have another for 5 years!  But please if you are over the age of 50 do it!  If I survived drinking that, you can too!

OK, so until next time don’t worry, stay happy!

A little about me..

So for some reason the other day, I thought..maybe I’ll start a blog.  Now honestly I have no idea why this thought came to me, I have only read one or two blogs in my life, but I thought, “why not?”….so here goes!  Funny story, when I told my husband I was thinking about starting a blog, his response was, “Good, …whats a blog?”  LOL!  Since I have lived 56 years on this earth and have experienced so many different phases of life, I do possess a lot of common sense advice, and vast opinions on so many different subjects, I figured its my civic duty to spread all of this around to whomever may need a little sensible guidance through this crazy maze we call life!  And always, with a healthy dose of humor!

A little about me, I am a 56 year old, mother, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, mother to 3 dogs and a cat, thrift shopper and a licensed cosmetologist for 38 years who has stood behind a chair helping to make people feel better about themselves, through not only by making their hair look better, but also by talking to them, (mostly women) about trials and tribulations in life that we all face at some point in our lives.  I like to think of myself as a flower, as you get to know me, all my petals will slowly reveal themselves!!

During my lifetime, in addition to raising three amazing kids, at one point I have also been a caregiver to my elderly grandparents.  I too was my mother’s main caregiver as she grew older and needed help with her house, appointments, cleaning, shopping, etc.  So as I earlier said, I have experienced so many phases of my life as it unfolded, my wish is if I could possibly help at least one other person as they navigate through their lives, this blog would bring me much satisfaction.  We all are on the bumpy road of life, curves are thrown sometimes from every direction and it is so nice to feel we aren’t alone in our travels, so hopefully my infinite wisdom with help another traveler!

This blog will never be all advice but I want to share so much information  with any readers I may gather along this journey!  My current plan is to share with you:  easy and cheap beauty products, hair and personal products that I cannot (and will not!) live without ..also I will look back and explain how I survived dinner hour with three kids and a crazy life, getting my kids through school ( without going to jail),  and my super easy tips for making grocery shopping a task I could finally handle, without too much bitching and whining!  All of this before I finally sought out medication!

Well I hope this is an enjoyable read for anyone taking the time!  In advance, I humbly thank you!