Well yesterday I wrote this long post, and for some reason it wouldn’t publish.  So I saved it to my computer, and for some damn reason I am unable to open it.  So pissed it took me about an hour to write it.  Maybe someday I will magically be able to open it again!  Nothing can irritate me more than technology!  Sometimes just trying to sign in to a site, where of course the username and password are required….I have tried writing them on paper, saving them on my phone and I still scramble!  Well, a dear client gave me the BEST tip and it has been a life saver, here goes!  I use my email as my username and for the password for whatever site it is, I use that name, (example Amazon, Walmart etc) Always use a capital for the first letter, then the # sign and 1.  That covers all the bases for a cap, symbol and number.  Amazon#1, Walmart#1….it has worked like a charm and simplified my life so much!!  Now I am no longer cussing and throwing stuff like a five year old!!  That being said, it doesn’t help my problem with my lost post, that told me I have to change some app or something to open the file, screw it!  I wasted enough time on that last night!

One other thing I experienced this week was my first colonoscopy!  YAY!  Actually it is not a bad thing, saves lives, prevents problems….If you have never had the pleasure of having one done, here goes!  First you have to prepare by clearing your colon, and stomach and everything else out completely!  This is done by simply drinking a solution the doctor has prescribed for you! Simple right?!  No!  The seemingly harmless looking clear liquid you mix at home with water is the most vile, disgusting thing that has ever passed your lips.  And that is probably an understatement!  I chose to drink it with a straw to gag it down faster.  Talk about making faces…I can’t even describe what it tastes like because I think it has to be made in a chemistry lab staffed by weirdos who like to gross people out!  UGH!  But, it does the trick!  About 20 minutes, give or take, the action begins!  I would advise not making plans for the evening you have to drink this because you want to be very close to a bathroom, hopefully one that is not occupied!  So after spending the evening on the toilet you have to wake up extra early to, YEP, drink even more!  OMG, so bad…  If you have survived this part of your test, the rest is down hill my friend! When you arrive at the doctors office or suite or wherever the test is performed you change into a gown, and thankfully they hook you up to an IV and you go to sleep. That’s the best part because really, do you want to be awake and conscience when they thread an instrument with a bonus camera up your rear end??  And then in what seems like mere seconds you wake up and it’s over!  Not only is it over, but you get to go home with souvenir pictures of your colon to share with family and friends, and perhaps as some would do, post them to Facebook!!  So thankfully I had no problems and I don’t have to have another for 5 years!  But please if you are over the age of 50 do it!  If I survived drinking that, you can too!

OK, so until next time don’t worry, stay happy!