A little about me..

So for some reason the other day, I thought..maybe I’ll start a blog.  Now honestly I have no idea why this thought came to me, I have only read one or two blogs in my life, but I thought, “why not?”….so here goes!  Funny story, when I told my husband I was thinking about starting a blog, his response was, “Good, …whats a blog?”  LOL!  Since I have lived 56 years on this earth and have experienced so many different phases of life, I do possess a lot of common sense advice, and vast opinions on so many different subjects, I figured its my civic duty to spread all of this around to whomever may need a little sensible guidance through this crazy maze we call life!  And always, with a healthy dose of humor!

A little about me, I am a 56 year old, mother, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, mother to 3 dogs and a cat, thrift shopper and a licensed cosmetologist for 38 years who has stood behind a chair helping to make people feel better about themselves, through not only by making their hair look better, but also by talking to them, (mostly women) about trials and tribulations in life that we all face at some point in our lives.  I like to think of myself as a flower, as you get to know me, all my petals will slowly reveal themselves!!

During my lifetime, in addition to raising three amazing kids, at one point I have also been a caregiver to my elderly grandparents.  I too was my mother’s main caregiver as she grew older and needed help with her house, appointments, cleaning, shopping, etc.  So as I earlier said, I have experienced so many phases of my life as it unfolded, my wish is if I could possibly help at least one other person as they navigate through their lives, this blog would bring me much satisfaction.  We all are on the bumpy road of life, curves are thrown sometimes from every direction and it is so nice to feel we aren’t alone in our travels, so hopefully my infinite wisdom with help another traveler!

This blog will never be all advice but I want to share so much information  with any readers I may gather along this journey!  My current plan is to share with you:  easy and cheap beauty products, hair and personal products that I cannot (and will not!) live without ..also I will look back and explain how I survived dinner hour with three kids and a crazy life, getting my kids through school ( without going to jail),  and my super easy tips for making grocery shopping a task I could finally handle, without too much bitching and whining!  All of this before I finally sought out medication!

Well I hope this is an enjoyable read for anyone taking the time!  In advance, I humbly thank you!