Magical Monday!!

Well it’s Monday again…damn the weekends fly by so fast!  I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night met up with some friends at a local tap house.  Saturday was spent getting over Friday night!  Yesterday my husband and I drove over the Easter Shore of Maryland, to the other side of 20171015_175131 the Chesapeake Bay to an outdoor restaurant.  It was super overcast when we got there, but the sun broke through and it was beautiful!  He has steamed shrimp and I had fried oysters!  Damn they were both so good!  I thought I would take this time to share one of my “grooming” short cuts too!  I hate getting manicures, takes way too much time and I have never ever been happy with the results, so here it is….I buy the Kiss brand nails, use the brush on glue, and Voila!  I love the way they look and since I am semi pro at putting them on, only takes 10 minutes max!  Less than the drive to the nail salon!  They stay on over a week and always look great!  Each pack gives me about 2 full set of nails….they cost around $7.99!  BAM!!  haha!!  Well thats all for now, have a wonderful day and keep smiling!!20171015_175541 (1)20171015_161607